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    An Evolution in Weight Loss Technology

Our Mission

The mission of AGT is to change people's lives by enabling them to safely overcome obesity - without surgery.

Our Technology

AGT technology is simple and innovative. The AGT weight loss device is easily placed during an outpatient procedure by a trained gastroenterologist or surgeon.

We're in the Business of Changing Lives

Effectively overcoming obesity requires a structured, multidisciplinary approach. We know that hunger can sabotage even the most dedicated dieter. That's why we developed a device that creates the sensation of fullness, enabling people to eat markedly less and still feel satisfied. The result is safe, consistent weight loss.

We also know that weight loss requires more than simply changing a person's eating habits. To change their weight, we have to change their lives. Our approach to weight loss is therefore personal and individual. Each weight loss plan is custom-tailored and includes nutrition education and counseling to support the use of the device.